When you speak about Classic Fashion, one brand that will soon be a leader at the forefront of that conversation is Duct Tape Merch.

And two names that will also be cornerstones of that convo are Clayton Tatum & Rashad Holsey. As the founders of this timeless apparel, they are here to secure their place as fashion moguls & take this brand to the top‼️

With Duct Tape Entertainment serving as the initial launch pad, DTE realized its  responsibility in expanding a culture beyond the realm of music, initiating the birth of the apparel company, Duct Tape Merch in 2005.

Like Duct Tape Entertainment, Duct Tape Merch has quickly begun to stake its claim in the urban hip hop community by becoming the destination for fashionable and street savvy consumers. Duct Tape Merch continues to focus on providing clever innovations in design, fabrication and application to its consumers, while all the while remaining true to it’s core values & principles. We also strive to provide a quality product that will remain an integral part of your “collection” forever.
Time is money, and our customers are priceless...